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I like to stay up to date on the most recent research, studies, supplements, equipment, technology, programs, diet plans, ideas and "fun stuff" relating to effective weight loss strategies, optimum nutrition, exercise sets, detox and cleansing, general health and wellness.  Below is a compilation of news, articles, stories, blog posts that I found interesting and relevant to a healthy and happy mind-body transformation.

New Study in Nutrients Outlines the Cardiometabolic Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet - Narly Half of Deaths from Heart Disease, Stroke, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes May be Prevented with Improved Nutrition, According to a New Dietary Review (Business Wire, August 11, 2017)
How Does a High-Fat Diet Raise Colorectal Cancer Risk?  (Medical News Today, July 10, 2017)
The Truth About a High-Protein, Low-Carb Diet - The Risks of Consuming Too Much Protein May Surprise You (Consumer Reports, December 30, 2016)
Risks of a Low-Carb Diet (HealthAfter50, July 1, 2016)
How a High-Fat Diet Can Increase Cancer Risk (Forbes, March 2, 2016)
Low-Carb Diet Facts, Benefits & Risks (LiveScience, November 11, 2015)
Low-Fat vs. Low-Carb Diets: Which Trims More Fat? (LiveScience, August 13, 2015)
What 5 Days of a High-Fat Diet Does to Your Muscles (DailyBurn, April 16, 2015)
Getting a Jump on the Plant-Based Journey:  Two Ways Exercise Speeds Successful Transition (Center for Nutrition Studies; June 11, 2014)
Sprouts:  A Super Food for Weight Loss (Post, September 14, 2014)
Studies Show That Breakfast is Not a Significant Factor in Weight Loss After All (Helsinki Times, September 14, 2014)
The Scales of Injustice: Weight Loss Differs Between Men, Women (TimesOnLine Health and Wellness, August 19, 2014)
Ten Weight Loss Mistakes Most Women Make (ABC News, August 18, 2014)
Obesity in Women Linked with Early RA (MedPageToday, August 1, 2014)
Study: Online Intervention Program Improves Weight Loss Results (iHealthBeat, July 31, 2014)
How the Low-Carb Craze is Making Us Fat (Men's Health, April 19, 20040
How Mental Dieting Can Contribute to Weight Loss (Coloradoan, March 18, 2014)
How Inactivity Changes the Brain (The New York Times, January 22, 2014)
Garcinia Cambogia: 'Miracle' Weight Loss Cure Could Be a Dangerous Scam (Inquisitr, January 17, 2014)
Certain Scents Trigger Weight Loss (Care2 Make a Difference, January 16, 2014)
Drinking Diet Soda Just Makes You Eat More (Today Health, January 16, 2014)
5 Bizarre and Dangerous Slimming Diets (Health 24, January 15, 2014)
Avocado, a New Weight-Loss Superfruit? (Atlanta Blackstar, January 14, 2014)
Expert:  Wake Up Earlier for Weight Loss (HLNTV, January 14, 2014)
Largest U.S. Weight-Loss Study Shows Long-Term Weight Control is Possible with Intensive Lifestyle Intervention (ILI) (PR Newswire via The Sacramento Bee, January 14, 2014)
10 Things the Weight-Loss Industry Won't Tell You (MarketWatch, January 12, 2014)
7 Reasons Dieting Doesn't Work for Most People (All Women Stalk, January 2014)
Diet Firms Try New Tacks to Lure Weight-Loss Customers (Philly, January 12, 2014)
10 Myths About Vegetarian Diets, Busted (Health, January 2014)
Expert Explains How Flexible Vegetarian Diets Boost Weight Loss by 15 Percent (Examiner, January 20, 2014)
Can Meditation Make Your Heart Healthier? (KPBS, December 19, 2013)
No Such Thing as Healthy Obesity (Times Argus, December 20, 2013)
A Spoonful of Honey Keeps the Extra Pounds Away (Redbook | Yahoo Shine, December 5, 2013)
Eat Apples, Lose Weight (Yahoo Health, September 19, 2013)
'Globesity': US Junk Food Industry Tips Global Scales (RT, September 7, 2013)
Obesity's Death Toll Could be Higher Than Believed, Study Says (LA Times, August 15, 2013)
FDA Defining What "Gluten-Free" Means on Packages (Associated Press, August 2, 2013)
The Truth Behind the 5 Biggest Weight Loss Lies (Yahoo Shine, August 2, 2013)
11 Nutrition Myths That Can Cause Weight Gain (Shape, July 25, 2013)
Do Vegetarians Live Longer?  (Men's Journal, June 2013)
Study Finds That Yo-Yo Dieting Does Not Thwart Weight Loss Efforts or Alter Metabolism Long Term (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, August 14, 2012)
High Protein, Low Carb Diets (WebMD, July 26, 2012)
Time to Retire the Low-Carb Diet Fad (The Atlantic, June 11, 2012)
Diet Ketosis Plan: 30 Days to Weight Loss (, June 15, 2011)
A Guide to Ketosis (Joseph Arcita, March 10, 2011)
What is Ketosis?  What Causes Ketosis? (Medical News Today, March 2. 2010)
Is Coconut Oil Healthy or Hazardous?  (T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, January 29, 2009)
Metabolism and Ketosis (Protein Power, May 22, 2007)
Low-Carbers Beware of Breathalyzer (Protein Power, May 21, 2007)
Pros and Cons of High Protein Diets (WebMD, 2006)
An In-Depth Look at Ketogenic Diets and Ketosis (, September 25, 2002)
The Low-Carb Diet Craze (Time, October 24, 1999)


Carb Controversy:  Why Low-Carb Diets Have Got it All Wrong (Precision Nutrition)

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