Guide to Cooking with Fresh Herbs [Infographic]

Ultimate Guide to Cooking with Fresh Herbs
Infographic from SheKnows
Fresh Herbs

If you aren't cooking with fresh herbs, then you are really missing out.

The best restaurants make extensive use of fresh herbs in their menus.  A sprig or chiffonade of a carefully selected fresh herb can really transform a dish, adding taste, aroma, color, interest and texture that is often quite different from their dried counterpart.

Health Benefits

Herbs, in both their fresh and dried forms, have been used for health and healing in folk medicine in every corner of the world for thousands of years.

More recent scientific research has shown that some herbs (and spices) are particularly rich in antioxidants and other micronutrients that are thought to be beneficial to human health.

Studies have shown that many herbs are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial while being cardioprotective, chemoproctetive, and neurorestorative.

In fact, some studies have shown that certain herbs may be as effective in preventing, managing or even treating certain chronic diseases and medical conditions as drugs.

Perhaps that's why we've seen such an explosion in herbal supplement sales.  However, holistic health practitioners almost always advise that its usually better to eat the whole food rather than a supplement.


This infographic from SheKnows illustrates 19 hardy and tender fresh herbs, and briefly explains the flavor profile, storage and culinary uses of each herb:

🌿 Rosemary
🌿 Sage
🌿 Lemongrass
🌿 Thyme
🌿 Chives
🌿 Lavender
🌿 Savory (Summer)
🌿 Oregano
🌿 Taragon
🌿 Chervil
🌿 Basil
🌿 Cilantro
🌿 Dill
🌿 Fennel Fronds
🌿 Majoram
🌿 Thai Basil
🌿 Mint
🌿 Parsley (Flat Leaf)
🌿 Parsley (Curly)

To view a large version of this infographic and to learn more about selecting, storing, and using fresh herbs, please visit A Beginner's Guide to Cooking with Fresh Herbs - SheKnows.


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