Are You Dehydrated - How To Tell [Infographic]

Are You Dehydrated?  How to Tell, What to Do About It
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The Essence of Life

Water has been called the essence of life because it is essential for life.  It is the most abundant molecule in the human body and is involved in numerous physiological functions - playing a key role in many critical biological and biochemical processes.

For example, water helps to regulate body temperature, dissolve various substances like nutrients and waste products, filter and remove metabolic waste materials, and produce important secretions such as digestive juices, functional mucus, sweat and reproductive fluids.


Insufficient intake of water leads to dehydration.  Both severe, acute dehydration as well as mild or low-grade chronic dehydration can have serious health and medical consequences.

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Are You at Risk?

Water intake requirements differ from person to person and are based on many factors including age, sex, activity level, health status and the climate where the individual lives.

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Knowing how to assess your hydration level and needs is important in determining how much water you need to drink to avoid risk of dehydration and consequent health or medical complications.


This infographic from FIX illustrates signs of mild, moderate and severe dehydration, explains how to tell if you are dehydrated (including how to do the dehydration pinch test) and provides some tips on how to prevent dehydration.

To see a large version of the infographic and read the full article, please visit Here's What Dehydration Does to Your Body and What to do About It - FIX.


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