Naturally Detoxify Your Liver - 30 Best Foods [Infographic]

Naturally Detoxify and Cleanse Your Liver
30 Amazing Liver Detox Foods
Infographic from Perfect Supplements
Functions of the Liver

The liver performs many critical functions.  Some of the key functions of the liver include producing bile, producing and regulating cholesterol, producing certain essential proteins, storing and releasing glucose, regulating the balance of certain hormones, regulating blood clotting, converting ammonia to urea, metabolizing drugs and alcohol, neutralizing and clearing harmful substances from the blood, producing immune factors to resist infection, regulating the supply of vitamins and minerals, and removing bacteria from the bloodstream.

Healthy Liver

Considering all of these critical functions of the liver, it is easy to see just how important having a healthy, well functioning liver really is.  Fortunately, there are many things we can do to avoid damaging the liver as well as improve liver function.   The general recommendations include eating a healthy diet, staying properly hydrated, getting enough exercise, sleep and rest, avoiding alcohol, caffeine, processed foods and environmental chemicals, judicially using drugs including over-the-counter medicines, and managing stress.

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Liver Detox Options

Currently much is written about detoxing and cleansing the whole body or parts thereof, such as the colon, kidneys, lymph and liver.  There is a large number of detoxification and cleanse programs, procedures and products on the market.  These include special diets, teas, juices, herbal extracts, minerals and various dietary supplements.  There are also certain procedures such as enemas, colonics, massage, infrared sauna and others. In addition, there many books, online courses and onsite detoxification programs.  Panchakarma, an intensive detoxification from the Ayurveda tradition is an example.

Extreme Detox

Although there may be times when an intense liver or other body system detox may be indicated, extreme detox programs should be approached and evaluated carefully and undertaken only after consulting with a qualified healthcare professional.

Natural Daily Liver Detox

The liver already detoxes itself continuously. We can help support the liver's own continuous detoxification and cleansing process on a daily basis and in a gentle manner by following the general liver health recommendations and consuming certain foods that have been shown in scientific studies or are thought to benefit liver health and function.

Liver Detox Foods

This infographic from Perfect Supplements illustrates 30 foods that help to detoxify the liver, thereby improving its health and function. Many of these foods are already in your refrigerator and pantry or are available at your local supermarket or health food store.  A few of the exotic superfood type herbs listed can be purchased in supplement form.  With such a variety, its easy to incorporate several of these foods into your daily diet.  These liver health promoting foods include the following fruits, vegetables, herbs and superfoods:

Lemon and Lemon Water
Grapefruit and Other Citrus Fruits
Schisandra Berry
Goji Berries
Broccoli and Broccoli Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts
Milk Thistle
Lemon Grass
Green Tea


To view a large version of this infographic, read the article and for other information on detoxification, nutrition, health and wellness, please visit 30 Amazing Foods You can Use to Naturally Detoxify Your Liver Today - Perfect Supplements.


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