Restore Your Natural Sleep Cycle with Meditation [Infographic]

Restore Your Natural Sleep Cycle with Meditation
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Sleep and Health

Sleep plays a critical role in our health.  It is thought that chronic sleep deprivation can lead to an increased risk for a range of medical conditions, from heart disease to obesity.

It is estimated that sleep problems, like insomnia, are an epidemic in the modern West.  Unfortunately, many people ignore the problem and try to get by regularly using stimulants, like coffee and energy drinks.

Sleep and Weight

Any weight loss expert will tell you that, in order to lose weight, or to prevent unwanted weight gain, you need to get an adequate amount of quality, restorative sleep. This is because sleep has a very powerful effect on metabolism.  Getting enough sleep is as important as regularly exercising and eating healthy.

Meditation - The Cure

Scientific research shows that a regular meditation practice has many health benefits.

According to a sleep study as described in this infographic, meditating before going to bed has been shown to improve sleep cycles in various ways, including helping approximately 60% of the study participants overcome insomnia.

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For more information about the sleep study, how meditation improves sleep and how to meditate before going to bed, please visit the infographic source:

Supercharge Your Sleep by Meditating Before Bed -


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