Five Minute Mini Meditation [Infographic]

Five Minute Mini Meditation - Infographic from Guard Your Health
Meditation:  How Long and How Often?

Most meditation teachers and other health and wellness experts advise meditating two times a day for 20-60 minutes - once in the morning and again in the evening.

Although this is the general recommendation for purposes of improving health, as well as restoring and balancing the mind and body, studies have shown that even very brief periods of meditation - as short as 5 - 10 minutes - done regularly, correctly and with intent can be very beneficial.

From  Regular, brief mindfulness meditation practice improves electrophysiological markers of attentional control

Good News for Beginners and Those with Hectic Schedules

This is very good news because, realistically, if you've never meditated before, it will be very difficult and even frustrating to sit for 20 minutes, much less 60 minutes, at least at the beginning.

Additionally, many people have very busy schedules.  Even experienced meditators with a regular practice might find it difficult to sit for their usual 20-60 minutes on some days.

Infographic:  Five Minute Mini Meditation

This infographic, entitled "Five Minute Mini Meditation" from Guard Your Health illustrates and explains how to do a very simple 5 minute meditation that is based on counting breaths.

Surely everyone can find 5 minutes to take a break from even the most hectic schedule.  Try it but remember:  in order to receive the benefits of meditation, the key is to practice regularly.

Infographic source and more health tools, topics, information and resources:  Meditation:  Stress Relief in Five Minutes - Guard Your Health


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