Clean Eating Grocery List [Infographic]

Clean Eating Grocery List
Infographic from Change in Seconds

What is Clean Eating?

Clean eating is about avoiding processed, refined and toxic foods and instead selecting and purchasing the healthiest and highest quality natural whole foods and ingredients.

Organic and Local

This means seeking out and buying organic and locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs, whenever possible. If you eat animal products, it means selecting meat, eggs and dairy from animals that are humanely raised, fed a natural diet and not given hormones, steroids, antibiotics and other drugs. Think: cage free; grass-fed.

Raw or Lightly (Minimally Cooked)

Clean eating is also about eating plenty of raw, fresh produce and cooking and preparing various foods in a way that doesn't create additional toxins (such as from high-heat cooking). The goal is to preserve the nutritional value of the food as much as possible.

A Few More Concepts

Other clean eating concepts include:

✔ eating whole, unrefined grains while avoiding "white" food

✔ drinking plenty of filtered water

✔ avoiding sodas and energy drinks

✔ choosing healthy fats

✔ using natural sweeteners while avoiding artificial sweeteners and processed sugar

Infographic and Download

This infographic entitled "Clean Eating Grocery List" from Change in Seconds wonderfully illustrates many excellent examples of unrefined, clean, whole foods.

Source and More Info
You can view the infographic in a larger format, download a clean food grocery list and get lots more information on clean weight loss, fitness, lifestyle and healthy living at Clean Eating Grocery List (Infographic and Download) - Change in Seconds.


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