15 Minute Mindfulness Techniques for Stress Reduction [Infographic]

15 Minute Mindfulness Techniques for
Stress Reduction - Infographic from FIX.com

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

Evidenced based scientific research conducted at leading universities, medical schools and in the private sector informs us that the practice of mindfulness has many health benefits.

One such very important benefit which has now been extensively studied and consistently documented is stress reduction.

Stress and Disease

Why is stress reduction so important?

Chronic stress has been linked to a myriad of diseases, illnesses, health problems and conditions including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, eating disorders, systemic and local infections, colds, viruses, depression and anxiety.

In fact, it is estimated that 75-90% of all primary care doctor visits are for stress-related issues.  Yet, studies have found that only a small percent of visits to primary care physicians include a discussion of the relationship between stress and illness and stress reduction methods.

In other words, it is widely thought that stress is a key underlying issue in health problems but suffering individuals are often not informed, counseled or taught about this subject or about methods to reduce stress.

Effects of a Mindfulness Stress Reduction Practice

According to the many studies, individuals who engage in a regular mindfulness practice routinely experience, among other things, a significant reduction in pain and tension levels, a significant decrease in anxiety and depression, a reduction in blood pressure, improved attention and focus, an enhanced ability to cope with short and long term stressful situations, greater energy and an improved self-esteem.

How to Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness generally involves both a formal and an informal practice.  The formal practice consists of a sitting or a moving meditation.  The informal practice involves a way of living.  That is, a way of being in the world and a way of  experiencing our daily life.

Infographic:  15 Minute Mindfulness Techniques

This infographic from FIX.com illustrates and explains four mindfulness techniques that can be done in about 15 minutes:

 Mindful Breathing
☯ Mindful Eating
☯ Body Scan Meditation
☯ Mindful Yoga

For more information about this infographic, please visit:  Mindfulness Techniques to Reduce Stress - FIX.com

Learn Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Online

There are two excellent 8-week online MBSR course offerings:

eMindful Life - a paid "live' course conducted by Steve Flowers.  Currently, the fee for this course is $275.00

Palouse Mindfulness - a  100% free "on demand" course created by a fully certified MBSR instructor and modeled on the program founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn


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