Are Your Bad Habits Killing You? [Infographic]

Lifestyle and Health - Are Your Bad Habits Killing You?
Infographic from Life Insurance Finder
"I have bad genes!"

We used to think that our inherited genes dictated whether or not we would have certain health conditions or diseases.  But scientific studies indicate otherwise.

According to the research, most chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart disease, are strongly influenced by our lifestyle.

In other words, our choices and habits play a key role in our health and whether or not we are at a higher risk for chronic disease and illness.

This infographic entitled "Are Your Bad Habits Slowly Killing You?" summarizes what we currently know about how lifestyle affects our health.

The Bad Habits

 Bad Posture
 Sitting Down All Day
 Eating Too Quickly
 Not Getting Enough Sleep
 Excessive Alcohol Consumption
Being a Loner
 Poor Diet (including eating too much red meat, not eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables and not getting enough dietary fiber)

The infographic also illustrates some choices and habits that are thought to have a positive effect on health:

Guilt-Free Pleasures

✔ Red Wine in Moderation
✔ Dark Chocolate
✔ Meditation
✔ Laughing
✔ Sex

Of course, other known healthy habits include engaging in regular exercise, staying properly hydrated and minimizing exposure to environmental chemicals.

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Group Support and Coaching

Making lifestyle changes is not always easy.  However, it has been shown that group support can be very helpful.  Many online programs, forums and communities not only offer short-term and/or ongoing support but some also include free group coaching.  There is also the option of hiring a personal lifestyle coach if its within your budget.


Another good tool that is useful in making lifestyle changes is to keep a journal.  The journal acts as a record of your goals, your progress, your accomplishments and set-backs and is an excellent feedback tool.


Infographic source and for more information on this topic:  Life Insurance Finder - Kicking Bad Habits for a Longer Life

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