6 Health Nutrients for Better Health [Infographic]

6 Health Nutrients for Better Health - Infographic from TopShape30.com
For optimum health, our bodies require a supply of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

When attempting to decide which is the healthiest diet or the best diet for weight loss, we tend to focus on primarily on three nutrients:  protein, fat and carbohydrate.

Compare 21 Popular Diets (Guide, Infographic)

However, optimal health also depends on our getting adequate amounts of clean water, vitamins and minerals.

When any of these needs are not met, we can develop a wide range of symptoms including:  low energy and fatigue, mood swings, headaches, confusion, nervousness, and muscle weakness.

Over time, chronic deficiencies are thought to contribute to a range of chronic diseases and illness.

When thinking about the healthiest or best diet, its important to look beyond the ratios of macronutrients (protein, fats and carbs).  All diet plans, programs and various food recommendations and choices also need to be evaluated for its micronutrient (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) content.

This infographic entitled "The Nutrient Color Palette" illustrates six health nutrients and some of the foods in which they are found that are needed for better health.

Health, wellness and fitness experts generally recommend eating a variety of unprocessed whole foods to ensure adequate intake of essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

Infographic source and more information:  TopShape30.com


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