Ayurveda Online Summit

Ayurveda Summit - Online Event
The Ayurveda Summit is for yoga teachers, health practitioners, doctors and any individual who wants to tap into the deep wisdom of Ayurveda.  The event features modern conversations on the topic of Ayurvedic ancient healing wisdom with some of the best Ayurveda teachers.  Subjects covered include nutrition, self-care, yoga and meditation secrets and herbal tips.  For more information and to view and/or to purchase the presentations and exclusive bonus gifts, visit Ayurveda Summit.

Please note that we are not affiliated with, nor receive any commission or consideration from posting these links in this post.  However, many of the Summit presenters have websites that contain valuable information about Ayurveda and, hence, are including links to these websites as a resource for readers interested in learning more.

John Douillard, DC, CAP (lifespa.com)
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Healthy Living

Mary Cravatta, DC (shaktiveda.com)
The Chakras + Your Cellular Memory Patterns

Karta Purkh (KP) Singh Khalsa, DN-C, RH, CAP (kpkhalsa.com)
Ayurvedic Applications for Modern Life

Prashanti de Jager, PhD (Cand), MS (prashantidejager.com)
Ayurveda as a Spiritual Medicine

Vasant Lad, BAMS, MASc (ayurveda.com)
Ayurveda:  The Science is Life, the Practice is Love

John Joseph Immel (joyfulbelly.com)
Tour Your Gut + Explore Your Hunger for a Joyful Belly

Marc Holzman, Yoga Teacher (marcholzman.com)
Ayurveda Made Easy for Yoga Teachers

Jessica Vellela, BAMS (myayu.com)
Gaining Perspective: An Authentic Approach to Ayurveda

Robert Svoboda, BAMS (drsvoboda.com)
Claudia Welch, MSOM (drclaudiawelch.com)
The Grace of the Guru on the Ayurvedic Path

Shantree Kacera, DN, PhD (thelivingcentre.com)
Living a Sacred Ecological Activist Life

Todd Caldecott, Dip. Cl.H., RH (AHG) (toddcaldecott.com)
Application of Practical Wisdom in Daily Life

Prasanth Dharmarajan, BAMS, MD(Ayu), PhD (myayu.com)
Making Sense of Pancha Karma

Pratima Raichur (pratimaskincare.com)
Skincare with Ayurveda

David Crow (floracopia.com)
Use Mindfulness To Heal Yourself and the Planet

Amadea Morningstar, MA, BCPP, RYT (amadeamorningstar.net)
Awaken Your Daily Rhythm and Your Palate with Ayurveda

Gabriel Cousens, MD (treeoflifecenterus.com)
Living Ayurveda into the Future for Westerners

Lissa Coffey (coffeytalk.com)
Ayurveda as Your Matchmaker: Doshas and Relationships

Rishabh Chopra (theayurvedaexperience.com)
Online Education and Ayurveda

Cate Stillman (yogahealer.com)
Waking Up to Your Life Potential Through Ayurveda

Archarya Shunya Pratichi Mathur (vedikaglobal.org)
Born Into a Living Wisdom Tradition

Sebastian Pole, Lic OHM, Ayur HC, MAPA, MRCHM, MURHP (sebastianpole.com)
Effectively Use Herbs for Health 

Scott Blossom, DOM (doctorblossom.com)
Parenting with Ayurvedic Wisdom in the Modern Age

Eric Grasser, MD (drgrasser.com)
Functional Medicine Intersects Ayurveda

Jacob Griscom, CAS (everydayayurveda.org)
Spritual Ayurveda Practice at Home, with Kids and In Your Ayurvedic Career

Rama Prasad, BAMS, CACH (drramaprasad.com)
Unraveling the 5-Element Theory of Ayurveda

Kurikkasseril Dilipkumar, BAMS, MD(Ayu) (ivmrudn.com)
Treating the Mental State to Achieve Balance of Body and Mind

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