Water: Nature's Cure-All? [Infographic]

Water:  Nature's Cure-All?  Health Benefits of Drinking
Water - Infographic from Master-of-Health-Administration.com
In the health and wellness community, is generally well known and widely accepted that drinking adequate amounts of pure, clean water is essential to life and to good health.

Physicians and other healthcare professionals will often recommend to a sick patient to drink more water.  Fitness experts, personal trainers, and health and beauty experts always recommend to their clients to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

See:  Why Dehydration Makes You Fat and Sick

Pure, clean "living" water is thought to have many health benefits including facilitating kidney function, aiding proper digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, decreasing muscle and joint inflammation, improving circulation, naturally detoxifying the body, moisturizing skin, and promoting weight loss and a healthy body weight.

This infographic entitled "Water: Nature's Cure-All?" illustrates how we are mostly water and what percentage of water is in our blood, brain, heart, lungs, skin, muscles, kidneys and bones; how water works as nature's wonder drug; water and other beverage drinking habits of Americans and U.S. households; and suggestions on what to add to water to make it taste better.

To learn more about the benefits of drinking water (as well as the dangers of dehydration) and what kind of water to drink:

How Drinking More Spring or Filtered Water Can Improve Every Facet of Your Health (Mercola.com)

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Infographic source and to see a large version of the infographic, visit:  Master of Health Administration - Water: Nature's Cure-All?

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