Juicing vs. Blending [Infographic}

Juicing vs. Blending (Key Differences, Tips) Infographic from SimpleGreenSmoothies.com
To juice or to blend?

Juices, smoothies and shakes are often recommended for optimal health, weight loss, hormone balance, and for detoxing (cleansing). Some health and wellness experts recommend juices while others recommend smoothies or shakes. A few recommend both in their detox/cleanse and other targeted protocols.

So, which is better, a freshly squeezed or pressed juice or a thick smoothie or shake?

The answer is both and it depends.

Take, for example, fruit juice.  Everyone knows that organically grown, seasonal fresh fruit is healthy and most people should try to eat at least two servings a day.

Freshly made juice from raw fruit (and vegetables) is a powerhouse of raw enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

However, during the manufacturing process of commercially made juice, these micro-nutrients are destroyed.
Sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and other additives (which may be toxic) are often added.  So, you definitely want to stay away from commercial fruit juice.

There is another reason why juice made only from fruit, even one that is freshly squeezed at home, is not recommended for most individuals.

Fruit is naturally high in sugar and, in juice form where the skin, pulp and fiber is removed, the sugar becomes concentrated and will absorb quickly into the blood stream, causing blood sugar spikes.

To avoid blood sugar spikes and still get the benefits of all the micronutrients from raw juice, it is recommended that juices should be made from primarily low-sugar vegetables and only a small amount of fruit used is to make the taste of the vegetable juice more palatable.

Or, you could just forgo the juice and make (blend) a smoothie or shake instead.

This infographic entitled "Juicing vs. Blending" from SimpleGreenSmoothies.com highlights the key differences between juicing and blending as well as provides some tips on both methods.  For more information about juicing and blending, and for recipes, to take a 30-Day Challenge or do a 21-Day Cleanse, visit SimpleGreenSmoothies.com.

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