Spices for Weight Loss [Infographic]

Spices for Weight Loss | 7 Spices that Help You Lose Weight
Infographic from PositiveMed.com
Spices not only add amazing flavor and color to food dishes, studies show that various spices may also provide equally amazing weight loss and other healing and health promoting benefits.

For example, in a study conducted by researchers at England's Oxford Polytechnic Institute found that just one teaspoon of yellow mustard seeds boosts metabolism by 25% for several hours, which translates into burning more calories and weight loss.

Spices (and dried herbs) are rich in various antioxidants, phytochemicals and other micronutrients that are linked to an array of health benefits, including neutralizing and removing toxins, reducing inflammation, increasing energy levels, and possibly even turning off fat genes  - according to the latest and ongoing research in the emerging field of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics.

Spices also satisfy taste buds and can replace or dramatically lower the use and intake of salt and toxic sugar, thereby reducing the number of calories consumed from sugar and bloating.

This infographic entitled Spices That Help You Lose Weight from PositiveMed illustrates seven spices that are thought to promote weight loss:

✿ Turmeric
✿ Ginseng
✿ Cardamom
✿ Cayenne
✿ Dandelion
✿ Cinnamon

Infographic source and for more information on weight loss, fitness, food, natural remedies and health, visit:  PositiveMed - 7 Spices that Help you Lose Weight.

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