Health Benefits of Seeds [Infographic]

Health Benefits of Seeds - "Seeds Small but Mighty" [Infographic]
If you don't already consider seeds to be a superfood, you should.

Seeds, in general, are nutritional powerhouses that offer a wide range of health and healing benefits and are recommended as part of a healthy diet by doctors such as Mehmet Oz, Joel Fuhrman, Joseph Mercola and many others.

For dieters, seeds are considered an effective natural weight loss tool due to their high content of dietary fiber and ability to satisfy hunger.

In various studies, six seeds have been identified as being particularly valuable in restoring and maintaining optimal health, as this infographic illustrates and describes:

❤ Chia
❤ Flax
❤ Hemp
❤ Pumpkin
❤ Sesame
❤ Sunflower

Chia vs. Flax Seeds
Chia Seeds - An Ounce for Ounce Comparison
Fiber and Weight Loss

Infographic source and more information at:  Body Unburdened - The Health Benefits of Seeds
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