Garcinia Cambogia vs. Green Coffee Bean Extract [Infographic]

Garcinia Cambogia vs. Green Coffee Bean Extract [Infographic]
from HealthPost
Both garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean extract have been touted in weight loss circles as the ultimate fat burners - helping one to lose weight more easily and faster than just dieting and exercising alone.

For example, Dr. Mehmet Oz did a three part video series on garcinia cambogia and a five part video series on green coffee bean extra.   Other diet, fitness and nutrition experts have also spoken out in favor of the potential weight loss and other health benefits of both garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean extract supplements.

Certain studies suggest that taking either of these while on a healthy diet and fitness plan promote loss of additional pounds.

This wonderful infographic, entitled "Garcinia Cambogia vs. Green Coffee Bean Extract", compares these two fat burners by explaining and describing each of their historic use, active ingredient, mechanism of action, potential benefits, time frames for results, clinical trial results and how and when best to take each for maximum effectiveness. It also contains precautions for certain individuals.


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Infographic source and more informations and tips at:
Healthpost - Garcinia Cambogia versus Green Coffee Bean Extract
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