10 Tips for Guaranteed Weight Loss [Infographic]

10 Tips for Guaranteed Weight Loss
[Infographic from Health Me Up]
As the end of the year approaches, many people begin thinking about their New Year resolutions.  For many, at the top of the resolution list is to lose those extra pounds "once and for all".

Unfortunately, for most dieters, this is not the first time they have resolved to make a big weight loss effort in a new year.

Sure, a new year feels like an excellent opportunity to start a new diet, to join the gym, finally sign up for that yoga class, or take up another type of exercise or physical fitness program.

But for many people struggling with obesity or being overweight, past experience demonstrates that it is often very difficult to stay on a diet plan or with an exercise program, despite the best intentions and initial firmest resolve.

This may be because most people do not make adequate preparations before beginning a new weight loss program. Many experts in the field agree that certain preparations and planning are the key to success in losing the extra weight.

This infographic entitled "10 Tips for Guaranteed Weight Loss" outlines some of the important and useful ways to prepare and plan, including:

1.    Deciding how much weight to lose
2.    Managing one's time
3.    Stocking the kitchen
4.    Eating healthy home cooked meals
5.    Starting a cardio and weight training workout
6.    Altering snacking habits
7.    Having at least one active hobby
8.    Finding a solution to combat stress
9.    Drinking plenty of water
10.  Planning healthy vacations

These are all really great tips for starting and maintaining a weight loss program successfully.  Other suggestions include:

❤ Making sure to get enough sleep
❤ Joining an online or local weight loss support group
❤ Adopting a regular meditation practice

So regardless of which weight loss or exercise program you choose, be sure to plan and prepare ahead using as many of these tips as possible.


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Infographic source and further information at:
Health Me Up - Weight Loss
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