Infographic: Organic Food Costs

Organic food has gotten the reputation of being costly and not affordable to individuals and families on a budget.  A quick survey of the produce department at the local supermarket would confirm this.   Organic versions of fruits and vegetables are slightly more expensive.  But, how does the cost of organic food in general compare to the cost of other types of foods on a pound per pound basis?

This infographic puts things into perspective by not only showing the cost per pound or gallon of some popular processed and junk food (like candy, soda and potato chips) but also by showing the hidden costs of consuming these types of foods (like farm subsidies, medical costs and pesticide clean-up).

The only comment I have with regard to this Infographic is that there is strong evidence that a whole food, plant-based diet (i.e., vegan) is healthier than a diet that includes meat and dairy.  However, for those individuals who choose not to exclude meat and/or dairy, the organic versions are the healthier option.

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