7 Best Foods for Rapid Weight Loss [Infographic]

7 Best Foods for Rapid Weight Loss
Infographic from Eat This, Not That
According to this infographic from Eat This, Not That (eatthis.com), the following seven superfoods will help achieve a fast weight loss:

Green Tea
Avocado Oil

For more information about weight loss, health detox and other belly fat blasting tips, visit Eat This, Not That.

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Healing Weeds - Dandelion Anti-Cancer and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Health Benefits of Dandelions Roots, Leaves, Milk, Tea and Juice
Infographic from OrganicFacts.net
In recent years, there has been much focus on the healing properties of various herbs and spices - such as turmeric, ginger root and garlic.

Most of us, however, don't think of weeds as herbs, food or natural medicine. Until now.

Common, lowly garden weeds are beginning to get the attention of the scientific community and are being researched, studied and tested for their potential use as medicinal plants.
Innovative chefs, particularly plant-based whole food and raw vegan chefs are finding innovative ways to incorporate dandelion leaves and roots into healthy recipes.

This infographic entitled Health Benefits of Dandelions illustrates and summarizes some of the key health benefits that have been attributed to the use of dandelion root, leaf, milk, tea and juice both internally and topically.  To learn more, visit Health Benefits of Dandelions (Organic Facts) - the source of this infographic.

To read about a summary of the studies conducted so far on the potential anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties of dandelions, go to:

Dandelion Gets Scientific Acceptance as An Antioxidant and "Novel" Cancer Therapy (Natural News)

Weight Loss - Relieve Stress with this Ancient Technique

Pressure Points in Hands and Fingers for Health and Healing
Study after study has documented the critical role that stress plays in weight gain and fat loss.  The standard recommendations for relieving stress are meditation, yoga and low-intensity activities such as leisurely walking and swimming.

Although everyone should strive to walk as much as possible, not everyone can meditate, practice yoga or swim on a regular basis.

There are, however, some quick and easy techniques that can be employed to relieve stress and/or reduce anxiety and tension.  One such technique is a simple ancient Asian technique involving applying pressure to various fingers.

To watch a video and learn more about this stress and anxiety release technique, visit:

Complete Health & Happiness: Are You Anxious or Stressed?  Try This Ancient Japanese Technique

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