Water: Do You Need 8 Glasses a Day [Infographic]

Water:  Do You Need 8 Glasses a Day?
Infographic from ClevelandClinic.org/HealthHub
We know that adequate daily intake of clean, good quality water is essential to good health and is almost always recommended by nearly every weight loss diet plan and every detox or cleanse program.

According to Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, unintentional chronic dehydration contributes to and even produces pain, many degenerative diseases and mental health conditions including depression, cancer, weight gain and obesity.  Dr. B maintains that many of these diseases and conditions could be prevented and even treated by increasing water intake on a regular, daily basis.

For a more thorough explanation of Dr. Batmanghelidj's work, read
Obesity Cancer & Depression: Their Common Cause & Natural Cure or one of his other books.

So, just how much water should we drink?  Is 8 glasses a day too little, too much or just right?

It turns out that the 8 glasses per day recommendation is just a guideline.  In fact, each person's water intake requirements is different and depends on several factors as illustrated in this infographic. Factors influencing a person's individual water requirement include his or her size (weight), activity level, metabolism, geographical location, diet and general state of health.

Dr. B gives some guidelines on how much water to drink and the most beneficial times to drink it.  He also warns that if you are thirsty, your cells are already dehydrated.  He advises monitoring the amount and color of urine as a guide to whether or not you are taking in enough water and being aware of other symptoms of dehydration - including decreased coordination, fatigue, muscle cramps and headaches.

To stay properly hydrated, this infographic also offers some excellent tips.

Why Dehydration Makes You Fat and Sick
Daily Water Intake Table
How Alcohol Affects Your Body (and Belly Fat!)

Infographic Source:
ClevelandClinic.org - HealthHub

Healing Food For Your Chakras [Infographic]

Healing Food for Your Chakras - Infographic from
Chakras are the subtle energy centers in the body.  Although there are hundreds of chakras in the body, seven are considered the major or most important ones.  Each of these seven chakras is associated with certain attributes including the area of the body governed, physical dysfunctions, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Each chakra is also associated with particular flower essences, gemstones or crystals, colors and vibrational frequency.

In Ayurveda, an ancient healing and life science, it is thought that when a chakra becomes blocked or imbalanced, the energy flow in the body is disrupted.  This disruption may then lead to a variety of illnesses and diseases, and overall diminished health.  Over the centuries, many methods have been developed to heal, balance and clear blocked chakras - including yoga, meditation and visualization practices, aromatherapy, gemstone, color and sound therapy.

In addition to these therapies, one other way to balance and clear a blocked chakra is to nourish it with foods that are in alignment with the color, vibration and other characteristics of that chakra.

This infographic from Dahn Yoga & Tai Chi illustrates some of the foods that nurture each of the chakras:

☯ Root Chakra - red foods, root vegetables, protein-rich foods and spices
☯ Sacral Chakra - orange foods, sweet fruits and vegetables, raw honey, nuts and spices
☯ Solar Plexus Chakra - yellow foods, granola, grains, dairy, spices
☯ Heart Chakra - green, rose and pink foods, leafy green vegetables, liquids, spices
☯ Throat Chakra - sapphire and light blue, aquamarine and turquoise foods, tart and tangy fruits, sea plants, spices
☯ Third-Eye Chakra - purple, purple-red foods, dark bluish colored fruits, blueberries, purple grapes, chocolate, liquids, spices
☯ Crown Chakra - white, lavender, violet, pastel colors, feed and purify the body, mind and spirit with pure, organic food, clean air and sunlight.

For more information and tips on the principles of energy yoga, meditation and nutrition, visit DhanYoga.com.

Chakra Nutrition:  Nourish Your Whole Self
Chakras and Associated Health Issues
Seven Chakras of the Human Body
Chakras and Colors

Recommended Reading:
Chakra Foods for Optimum Health: A Guide to the Foods That Can Improve Your Energy, Inspire Creative Changes, Open Your Heart, and Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit. - Dr. Deanna Minich

The Evolution of Medicine Summit - Free Online Event

The Evolution of Medicine
Summit - Free Online Event
The Evolution of Medicine Summit is a free online event that will feature presentations from 40+ leading medical doctors, researchers, practitioners and other health and wellness experts on the latest research and information in diverse topics within the area of healthcare.

Participants can expect to learn why health and medicine will look very different over the next decade, which best practices can be integrated now, how to take control of their own health.  The summit will take place from September 8 to 15, 2014.

For more information and to register, go to The Evolution of Medicine Summit.  SkinnyDiva is not affiliated with this event.

The Evolution of Consciousness
Deepak Chopra, MD - Physician; Best Selling Author; Digital Innovator; Ayurvedic and Mind/Body Medicine
  • How technology is proving the amazing effects of mind / body medicine
  • Why stress, sleep and relationships hold the key for a long, healthy life
  • Where is medicine going? How we can all accelerate its evolution 
The Evolution of Medical Paradigm
Mark Hyman, MD - Physician; Multiple Best Selling Author; Chairman of IFM
  • The threat of chronic disease and why medicine has to evolve to adapt
  • What signal does the Cleveland Clinic’s investment in Functional Medicine send?
  • What impact on the health industry will the Cleveland Clinic’s investment in Functional Medicine have?
  • Great tips for patients, doctors and health organizations who want to play a part 
How to "Disease Proof" Yourself
David Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP - Director, Yale Prevention Research Center, Author, Blogger, Lecturer
  • How our forks, feet and fingers determine our long term health prospects
  • What we learn from the ‘Blue Zones’ about living long, happy, healthy lives
  • 6 simple steps to keep you, your family and your patients healthy 
The Evolution of Neurology:  Gut Brain Connection
David Perlmutter, MD - Renowned Neurologist, Brain Health Expert, Best Selling Author, Editor "Brain and Gut"
  • Why neurology can no longer be viewed in isolation
  • How to stop the inflammatory cascade and prevent chronic neurological disease
  • Simple steps for doctors to deliver great medicine in a connected system 
The Evolution of Health Technology
Robin Berzin, MD - Digital Health Innovator, Blogger and Curator
  • How technology is disrupting the current medical paradigm
  • How the iWatch will change what patients and physicians focus on
  • Easy ways to use new technology to keep you and your family healthy 
Are YOU Deluded by Disease?
Jeffrey Bland, PhD - Father of Functional Medicine, Author, Lecturer
  • Why the modern epidemics struggle to fit our existing concepts of disease
  • Root causes of chronic disease and proven strategies to reverse them
  • How evolved medicine empowers all of us into the driving seat of our health 
Activism:  Empowered Medical Evolution
Foodbabe aka Vani Hari - Activist Blogger; Author, Digital Innovator
  • How the American food industry puts our health as risk, and what to do about it
  • Why the internet is crucial to holding companies accountable over their practices
  • How anyone can take action to keep themselves and their community healthy 
The Great Health Outsourcing Experiment
Joe Cross aka Joe the Juicer - Star of "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead"
  • How Westerners have outsourced their health to 'medicine'
  • Why Joe's story is relevant to the Evolution of Medicine
  • How you can start to insource your health, feel better and make a difference in your community 
The Evolution of Paleo
Chris Kresser, LAC - Acupuncturist; Author; Blogger; Digital Innovator
  • Why evolutionary concepts in nutrition hold the key to sustainable health
  • Do we need to eat exactly as our ancestors did? Have we evolved since then?
  • Easy to follow strategies for using food to prevent and reverse disease 
Microbes:  Antibiotics and a Better Way
Robynne Chutkan, MD - Integrative Gastroenterologist; Author; Lecturer
  • How her daughter’s health issues helped her understand gut health
  • The Human Microbiome Project’s impact on our understanding of germs
  • Simple steps to ‘live dirty’ safely and keep a healthy microbiome 
The Evolution of Immunology
Ari Vojdani, PhD, MSC, CLS - Professor of Neuroimmunology; Scientific Advisor Cyrex Labs LLC
  • The gut-brain-immune connection and the implications for the science of immunology
  • Mucosal immunity and its overall importance in optimal health
  • The scientific perspective on the Evolution of Medicine 
The Evolution of Endocrinology
Mark Menolascino, MD - Boarded in Internal, Functional, Anti-Aging and Holistic Medicine
  • Why the endocrine system can no longer be viewed, or treated, in isolation
  • The crucial roles of serotonin, gut microbes and mental health in endocrinology
  • Clinical nuggets for hormone balance from a vastly experienced physician  
The Evolution of Psychiatry
Kelly Brogan, MD - Boarded in Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine and Holistic Medicine; Blogger
  • Is the monoamine hypothesis of mental health getting long term results?
  • The proven role of inflammation in mental health, the gut-brain connection
  • The empowering proposition of a holistic approach to mental health 
The Evolution of Autoimmunity
Tom O'Bryan, DC - Renowned Gluten Expert, Digital Innovator; Lecturer; IFM Faculty
  • The new science of autoimmunity. What is causing this modern epidemic?
  • How gluten and leaky gut play a key role in autoimmunity
  • How physicians can deliver great care, prevent and reverse autoimmunity 
Getting Patients Off Drugs
Derrick Desilva, MD - Veteran Holistic Physician; Radio and TV Personality
  • Why patients are better off in the long term by being on fewer drugs
  • Effective strategies for guiding patients off their medications and regaining health
  • Supplements and probiotics that can help in the process of healing 
Delivering Evolved Medicine
Tom Blue - Chief Strategy Officer, American Academy of Private Physicians
  • The “Third Era of Medicine” and medicine’s new operating system
  • Why businesses and health organizations must adapt or die
  • New opportunities for doctors to do great medicine in new surroundings
The Evolution of Delivery: Group Visits
Shilpa Saxena, MD - Physician; Group Visit Innovator; Author; IFM Faculty
  • Why group visits work for treating chronic disease: community and accountability
  • How to avoid common pitfalls (like insurance billing) with groups visits
  • Easy steps for physicians to deliver patient-centered care in a group format 
The Evolution of Delivery:  Health Coaches
Frank Lipman, MD - Founder, Eleven Eleven Wellness Center; Author, Blogger
  • How apartheid in medicine cannot last, integrating East and West for best results
  • Why health coaches are the nurses of the health revolutions
  • Practical tips for doctors and coaches on working together effectively 
The Evolution of Delivery:  Integrative Medicine 2.0
Jeff Gladd, MD - Physician; Digital Innovator; Lecturer and Micropractice Advocate
  • How to release fear and transform your practice towards serving patients first
  • Why the micropractice revolution is a practical strategy to save American medicine
  • How telemedicine and digital technology can make this transformation seamless 
Evolutionary Nutrition:  Recovering from MS and Autoimmune Disease
Terry Wahls, MD - Physician; Author, Lecturer, IFM Faculty
  • The lessons of her recovery for medicine and treating autoimmune disease
  • Why adapting to our environment will always be a big part of health and medicine
  • Easy tips for clinicians on how to empower patients to play their part in health 
The Evolution of Exercise and Fitness
Darryl Edwards - Trainer and Primal Play Advocate; Author
  • Why most of us fail at the gym or crossfit, and what to do about it
  • What we can learn from our ancestors about health, exercise and fitness
  • Simple steps to become more active, and prevent and reverse modern diseases 
Empowerment in the New Compliance
Gabriel Hoffman - Integrative Nutritionist; Co-Founder Functional Forum
  • Why compliance is an outdated concept in helping patients with lifestyle disease
  • How empowerment is a crucial part of an evolved medical system
  • 3 simple steps for physicians and health professionals to empower patients 
Getting to the Core of Behavior Change:  Habits and Addictions?
Dana James, MS, CDN and Alex Jamieson, CHC - Triple Board Certified Nutritionist, CBT Practitioner and Star "Supersize Me"; Nutritionist, Health Coach; Author
  • Why behavior change and the mind hold the key to keeping healthy
  • What cravings and urges tell you about what your body needs
  • Easy strategies for changing your mindset and achieving your health goals 
MindBodyGreen:  Democratizing Health Information
Jason Wachob - CEO and Founder, MindBodyGreen
  • Lighting at your office: Is it the next big wave of environmental health?
  • Current trends in wellness and how they are breaking into the mainstream
  • Empowering change: Preaching to the choir vs. building the church 
Family Unit as an Engine of Sustainable Change
Alejandra Carrasco, MD - Board Certified Family Medicine; Blogger
  • Why behavior change and community are crucial to an evolved medical system
  • How families provide a perfect unit for driving systemic change
  • Easy, inspirational strategies to keep your whole family healthy
The Evolution of Evidence Base of Medicine
Sayer Ji - Author; Educator; Founder GreenMedInfo.com
  • How the medical evidence base has driven medicine to its detriment
  • The empowering role of the internet in making evidence available to all
  • Easy nutritional strategies to keep your family healthy 
Toxic Babies:  Threat to Our Evolution?
CHC, Empowered Birthing and Environmental Health Advocate, Author and Film Maker; Lecturer, Author
  • How the massive barrage of chemicals and toxins is affecting our children’s health
  • Why it is imperative for each of us to take responsibility for this… NOW!
  • Simple steps for avoiding common chemicals and developmental toxins 
Beyond The Germ Theory:  True Holism in Action
Larry Palevsky, MD - Board Certified Pediatrician; Lecturer
  • Why pediatrics must evolve quickly to deal with massive pediatric chronic illness
  • How our new understanding of microbes is giving new credibility to holism
  • How our human and viral elements work together to restore homeostasis 
The Evolution of Oncology
Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO - Board Certified in Naturopathic Oncology
  • Is going the ‘natural route’ a wise move after diagnosis?
  • Why integrative oncology is so important in an evolved medical system
  • Easy, proven tools to help prevent cancer and support current oncology strategies 
The Evolution of Men's Health
Geo Espinosa, ND - Expert in Natural Approaches to Men's Health, Holistic Urology
  • Why the penis is a perfect barometer for overall men’s health
  • Innovative strategies for men to engage in preventative health
  • What role divorce and diagnoses have in empowering the modern man 
The Evolution of Women's Health
Aviva Romm, MD - Physician, Midwife, Herbalist, Author, Ecologist and Mom
  • Why women’s health is so crucial to the Evolution of Medicine (and our species)
  • Simple steps for women to have a more empowered relationship with their health
  • Proven herbs and strategies for non invasive, evolved self care 
Silicon Valley's Perspective on the Evolution of Medicine
Stephanie Tilenius - Digital Health Guru, "Executive-in-Residence" @ Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers
  • Why Silicon Valley is so interested in the Evolution of Medicine
  • How health technology is shaping the future of “integrated medicine”
  • The best tools, apps and strategies for staying healthy and helping others 
The Evolution of Gastroenterology
Ronald Hoffman, MD - Veteran Holistic Physician; Author, Lecturer, Podcaster and Radio Personality
  • How the gut is connected to everything and its implications for care
  • Best strategies for developing a robust microbiome and reversing chronic disease
  • Clinical tips and tools from 30 years of clinical practice 
Evolved Medicine:  Patient Centered Care
Leo Galland, MD, FACP, FACN - Veteran Holistic Physician, Author, Lecturer
  • Why you deserve a “patient-centered diagnosis”
  • The 3 factors driving and mediating chronic disease
  • Questions to ask your physicians to tell if you’re getting the best care 
The Evolution of Cardiology
Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FAAFP, FACN, CNS - Clinical Professor USF, Author "30 Day Heart Tune Up"
  • How the evolution of heart health will empower you
  • Simple steps to improve your heart and overall health
  • Chef tips on the best foods for long-term health heart 
The Evolution of Medicine
Joel Evens, MD - Board Certified OB/GYN, Senior Teaching Faculty IFM and Center for Mind/Body Medicine
  • Where medicine is needing to evolve most rapidly
  • Why mind/body medicine is finally moving into the mainstream
  • The importance of nutrition in all phases of human reproduction and evolution 

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